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Southern Fumigation Specialists performs a variety of services geared toward the shipping industry. Prior to starting a job we take in to account all of the factors that we can control to save our clients time and cost. We offer scheduling of USDA inspections and supervised treatments with no additional fee to our clients. Our company also takes all effort to schedule our services at our clients' convenience so that they can carry on daily operations smoothly without being hindered by our presence or timing.  


       Availability is a major factor that separates Southern Fumigation Specialists from competitors. Our team is available to provide services 24 hours each day, on weekend and on holidays. Once again, this is at no additional charge to our customers.  

We specialize in:
  • Fumigation of agricultural commodities according to USDA            Phytosanitary Standards
  • Southern Yellow Pine and Oak Log Fumigations
  • Peanut Fumigation
  • Pecan Fumigation
  • Grain Fumigation (Soybean, DDG)
  • Cotton Fumigation
  • Wood Chip Vessel Recirculation Fumigations
  • ISPM-15 Wood Treatment and Stamping of Pallets and Dunnage
  • Disinfection of Customs Quarantined Cargo
  • Seed Vacuuming of Customs Quarantined Cargo
  • Scheduling of USDA Commodity Inspections
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