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About Us

Personalized Approach


Southern Fumigation Specialists, a division of Crecy & Kimker Holdings LLC, is a certified third party vendor of the Georgia Ports Authority. We are USDA/APHIS PPQ compliant as well as US Customs Import Quarantine Compliant. We are also enrolled in the ISPM 15 IPPC fumigation program for treating and stamping wood export packaging materials such as pallets and dunnage. Whether it be agricultural products (such as pecans, peanuts and cotton), or forestry products like Southern Yellow Pine and Oak logs, our team is experienced in servicing it. Southern Fumigation Specialists also performs CBP Quarantine contaminant removal. If you receive an EAN from Customs or are in need of a Phytosanitary Certificate from the USDA contact us. Our response time alone will save you money and our thorough nature will save you stress. 

Excellence and Professionalism 


All members of the Southern Fumigation Specialists team are certified professionals, experienced in facilitating the trade of agricultural commodities. Reliability  and efficiency coupled with trade knowledge and superior customer service is what we stand to deliver.

Licensed, Insured and Trusted


As a certified Georgia Ports Authority vendor, we adhere to a higher level of insurance standards than is typically required. All employees possess TWIC credentials as well as GDOA state licensing. Neither Southern Fumigation Specialists nor anyone employed by it has ever been cited for non-Compliance issues with USDA or the EPA.

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